Mapawa Nature Park

The Unplanned Trip: Looking at New Heights of Mapawa Nature Park

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Boredom will never strike unless you surprise yourself and push through everything. We were not able to plan anything for our last activity day, so we ended up googling things to do in Cagayan De Oro and picked any activity that is not far from our accommodation. Ultimately, we decided to go to Mapawa Nature Park. Since we were eight in our group, we Grabbed two taxis from where we were staying. The taxi driver told us that he will charge 100 Php on top of our metered fare since our destination is at the top of the mountain. Our total bill was 300 Php but you may opt to ride a habal-habal from the foot of the mountain for 35 Php per person. We also paid an environmental fee of 50 Php each upon entering the vicinity.

There are various activities at Mapawa Nature Park like zip line, horse back riding, but we chose river trekking and canyoneering which costs 1300 Php per person. Mapawa personnel transported us to the drop-off point wherein we saw a huge tree that has been alive for ages.


Then, we trekked for about 15 minutes until we reached the river and life vests were distributed. The view of the flowing water and leafy trees was so great but the thought of sliding down a 20 ft high natural slide was very exciting.


A few walk after the slide, we did double rappelling.  No worries since this is just a minor activity.


Another highlight for me was the 25 ft high cliff jump. All of my senses were heightened and I became anxious. Luckily, my friends were there to bash and at the same time support each other since we cannot proceed until all of us made the jump. I am not really sure as to why I cannot keep my legs straight as I was falling down. (Ouch!)

PRO TIP: Just JUMP. Do not think of anything else just do it or you will have a lot of scared pictures and videos standing at the edge.


We decided to eat our food, that came along with what we paid, after the jump. We had chicken adobo (leg and wing), boiled egg and a LOT of rice. We were also given time to rest and swim before we were called for rappelling. We had to rappel down the breathtaking   65 ft high cliff and really made me pray for my God. Yes, there was a harness and safety orientation but no, I was still nervous for I have not yet tried rappelling down a cliff that was not made by man. At first, I kept on complaining to Kuya about this and that but believe me, you will get past that. The view, the experience, the feeling of being really self-aware was overwhelming.


My friend said that the activities were quite bitin, but for me it was a remarkable experience in CDeO and qualified as a quick adrenaline fix for an unplanned day.

Trek.Slide.Jump.Rappel. @ Mapawa Nature Park