Taming Cagayan de Oro’s Rapids

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Ticking off one of the items in my bucket list, water rafting (I cannot claim that it is a white water rafting since the water was brown given that the rain poured prior to it) was a superb idea. Choosing Kagay White Water rafting, we had a serious fun in CDeO.

Even if we had a super scared companion, the six of us were still able to push through the activity. We decided to take on the Mid Section Challenge that has 24 Class II – IV rapids at the morning of February 24, 2017. They picked us at our accommodation, then traveled to our drop-off point. At the road, we signed a waiver and read some safety procedures regarding water rafting. Before letting us play with the raft, Kagay personnel reiterated and demonstrated the safety measures.

Final orientation of the head guide before the swooshing

The six of us and Kuya Bubot, the guide, boarded the raft and swoosh into the rapids. To capture the epic and face splashing events, the photographer in a kayak boat paddled ahead of us then waited for us until we reached the rapids. Kuya Bubot even had a lot of packed jokes that blended with the excitement.

Paddle forward …1 …2! Synchronized paddling is desired but difficult to accomplish
We are great at growling! Whoooooo!
A little splash is inevitable.
Never forget to high-five after a successful rapid encounter

There were also swimming areas wherein you can enjoy the rather calmer part of the river.

Appreciating the cold coffee-colored river

And never ever forget to enjoy the scenery!



Overall, the experience was so great and Kagay personnels were professional as guides and were accommodating. For Kagay White Water Rafting contact details and rates:

For our victory pose:

All smiles after the adventure


Tamed by the rapids!